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MEI Systems

A leader in temporary and remote site security management applications.

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Remote access control and mobile surveillance site monitoring.

MEI CyberGuard

Each CyberGuard mobile unit is customizable to your specific needs. The core package comes in five models.

Models MSU-1000, MSU-2000, MSU-3000 & MSU-4000 are designed for longer duration, remote outdoor applications and feature sustainable and uninterrupted power supplies.

The new MSU-500 is highly maneuverable and is perfect for those with both indoor and outdoor variable needs. All you need to make the MSU-500 work for you is a power supply.

MEI CyberGuard Gate System

Each MEI CyberGuard Gate System is engineered to withstand all of the harshest weather conditions, rugged terrain and careless drivers. The intricate credentialing / communication interface is packed within a hardened component array built to take a beating.

About Us

MEI Systems a 45 year company added MEI Cybercorp to our product offering in 2011. Since its inception in 2011, MEI CyberCorp, located in Somerset, Pennsylvania, has quickly become a leader in temporary and remote site security management applications.
The company’s seasoned executive team, certified field & factory reps, support staff and prestigious R&D; team, are dedicated to providing our clients and customers customized solutions to their specific needs.

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