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MEI CyberGuard

Deterrent – Monitoring

MEI CyberGuard



  • Deterrent to Prevent Theft and/or Loss
  • Monitoring to Retrospectively Assess Theft and/or Loss
  • Daytime Viewing
  • Standard (640 X 480) Definition ^
  • General Site Interrogation (Ability to assess the potential threat and determine if a vehicle, animal or person(s) has entered the site as part of the verification prior to notification alert process. ) *


  • Simple and Intuitive Software Experience
  • Live and Time Lapsed Camera Video
  • Web User Created Presets
  • Web Time Lapsed Video Creation /  Play Back
  • Archive options: 4 Days, 4 Weeks, 4 Months in Time Lapsed
  • Client Determined Access Controls for Live Viewing
  • Tablet or Smart Phone Viewing & Alerts
  • Live Technical Support


  •  High Definition (1920X1080)
  • Detailed Actionable communication analytics with a variety of options
  • LP Generator
  • High Intensity LED Lights

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MEI CyberGuard Mobile Surveillance Trailer 

The MEI CyberGuard Mobile Surveillance Trailer (MST) is designed to aid in video surveillance and remote monitoring. Each MST is mobile, easy to install and/or relocate on our Client’s sites. Surveillance cameras sit atop a telescoping mast (up to 38′) providing excellent coverage of the area being surveilled. The power source for the MEI CyberGuard product line is a combination of solar panels with battery backup. Each MST includes the option to add an LP gas generator for continuous uninterrupted 24/365 power.

Our MEI CyberGuard Mobile Surveillance Trailers are custom designed to the specific needs of our Clients. MEI CyberCorp blends cutting edge technology with the latest technical components in each build. Product pictures are only a repesentation of the Mobile Surveillance Trailer and the final product will vary based on the specific needs of our Clients.

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