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Each CyberGuard mobile unit is customizable to your specific needs. The core package comes in five models.

Models MSU-1000, MSU-2000, MSU-3000 and MSU-4000 are designed for longer duration, remote outdoor applications, and feature sustainable and uninterrupted power supplies.

The new MSU-500 is highly maneuverable and is perfect for those with both indoor and outdoor variables (from case building forensics to labor management) needs. All you need to make the MSU-500 work for you is a power supply.

Product Features

As with any IP-based surveillance array, the quality of the optics and the integrity of the data stream signal from the endpoint to the head end of the security operations center is crucial.

Optics-based options include:

  • Day / Night  / Enhanced Night (thermal) viewing
  • Field of view of up to 180 degrees for a single camera
  • Standard or High Resolution

The Data Management package includes:

  • Deep and nimble analytics choices
  • A simple but intuitive software experience
  • Single or Multi-Site monitoring including a variety of data stream and archiving options.
  • Uninterrupted power supplies including solar arrays and layered, grey day redundancy and back up through both extensive long life battery & LP Gas generator configurations. No existing power source needed for MSU-1000 – MSU-4000 models.
  • Time Lapse (up to 8 pre-sets) or live Stream Options for each site.
  • Client ability to partition rights of team members for live views.
  • Tablet / smart phone view of site & on event alerting.
  • Data is uploaded through a redundant cellular technology configuration to the internet.

Tower Features:

  • Minimal footprint 13’ x 7’
  • Telescoping tower, some units extend to 38’. See individual specifications or talk to an MEI CyberCorp. account representative to find out which model is best for you.
  • LED light fixtures


Service Features:

  • Each unit is promptly and professionally delivered, tested and set up by our knowledgeable, trained and compliance conscious field crews.
  • Project Management supervisors will work on your schedule regarding a routine maintenance calendar, as well as, any necessary unit relocation.
  • Security Operations Center real-time monitoring on a 24/7 never sleep basis.
  • With our general site actionable communication analysis, monitoring specialists will quickly evaluate on-alert artifacts & events to determine whether a threat based event is occurring or a false alarm (animal, employee error, etc.)
  • A real time actionable communication protocol, whereby monitoring specialists identify, document evidence, supported by area of evidence direct focusing and analytical backup. Ask your account representative about all of the analytic options (including license plate recording and facial recognition.)

System Benefits:

  • Mitigate disputes with sub-contractors with archived video.
  • Assurance of compliance measures being met.
  • Case building for theft, shrinkage, sabotage and vandalism.
  • An excellent tool for risk management support.
  • Site wide or single point surveillance capability.
  • Security Operations Center protocol assures fast notification on event without the costly mistakes or wasted resources of false alarms.

About MEI 

Specializing in remote access control & mobile surveillance site monitoring, and backed by more than forty years experience of parent company MEI Systems, MEI CyberCorp. has established itself as an intricate tool for HSE directors and safety / security managers across multiple industries.


Our flagship product is the CyberGuard line of mobile surveillance units. The MSU-500 has the flexibility and durability for either indoor or outdoor applications (power supply necessary). The MSU -1000 through MSU-4000 are self-sustaining, come in a variety of data transfer options, provide the very latest in both daytime and nighttime optics and most importantly, unlike their human competition, the CyberGuard units never tire, never get sick, and never ever call off of work.

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