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​Each MEI CyberGuard Gate System is engineered to withstand all of the harshest weather conditions, rugged terrain and careless drivers. The intricate credentialing / communication interface is packed within a hardened component array built to take a beating.

One clear advantage of the MEI CyberCorp Gate System over physical guard services is that it will not call off duty unexpectedly, thus leaving the site vulnerable to unauthorized entry or worse, intentional sabotage.

Another advantage is (like all CyberCorp products) the ability of the CyberGuard Gate System to think on its feet. Not only does it record in customized (your parameters) detail, every transaction of access and departure, the system can also act as an excellent ambassador of collaboration for all stakeholders including municipal first responders (your choice) through actionable communications data transmissions that are useful and timely.

How the process works.

As a visitor, vendor, and/or subcontractor stops at an access gate, the MEI CyberGuard Gate System operator is alerted by video camera and voice communications. Utilizing video and two way voice communications from an off-site location, the MEI CyberGuard Gate System operator activates a pre-established protocol designed by us based on your standard operating procedures and guidelines. The operator then interacts with the visitor, vendor, and/or subcontractor to determine whether access may be granted.

Site access for company employees or other designated personnel requesting access to the site is gained via a key pad or valid access card. Every activity is monitored and recorded by an MEI CyberGuard Gate System operator at our off-site central station.

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Product Features:

  • Two-way, real time, voice communication, which provides all of the benefits of human interaction with none of the risk.
  • Video / data stream archiving and precise audit tracking software allows instantaneous access to you or your designates on a 24/7, round the clock basis.
  • Cloud based archiving and a simple yet intuitive software experience provides you with access to critical data, from any location. You can even access data securely through your tablet or smart phone on alert, or at any time that you choose.
  • Time lapsed monitoring of user created preset views (up to 8) of each site or you can choose to have the site monitored live. The choice is up to you.
  • Hardware features to the MEI CyberGuard Gate System includes a cellular connection to the internet with optional satellite connection, a minimal site footprint of only 18’ by 8’,a self-contained dual power source with no need for electric, fuel or hardwired internet access as well as a backup power supply.
  • Validation methods / access credentials (cards) are customized to your specific policy needs.


Service Features:

  • 24 hour equipment maintenance service
  • MEI CyberCorp staff provide:
    • Assembly, installation, testing and when needed relocation of units.
    • 24 hour equipment maintenance service.
    • Monitoring by trained specialists 24/7 with the ability to view potential threats, reduce false alarms and decrease response time creating efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Client Services Staff available 24/7 for response to emergency or critical events.


About MEI 

Specializing in remote access control & mobile surveillance site monitoring, and backed by more than forty years experience of parent company MEI Systems, MEI CyberCorp. has established itself as an intricate tool for HSE directors and safety / security managers across multiple industries.


Our flagship product is the CyberGuard line of mobile surveillance units. The MSU-500 has the flexibility and durability for either indoor or outdoor applications (power supply necessary). The MSU -1000 through MSU-4000 are self-sustaining, come in a variety of data transfer options, provide the very latest in both daytime and nighttime optics and most importantly, unlike their human competition, the CyberGuard units never tire, never get sick, and never ever call off of work.

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