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Cyber Guard

Each CyberGuard mobile unit is customizable to your specific needs. The core package comes in five models.

Cyber Guard Gate Systems

Each MEI CyberGuard Gate System is engineered to withstand all of the harshest weather conditions, rugged terrain and careless drivers.

About MEI 

Specializing in remote access control & mobile surveillance site monitoring, and backed by more than forty years experience of parent company MEI Systems, MEI CyberCorp. has established itself as an intricate tool for HSE directors and safety / security managers across multiple industries.


Our flagship product is the CyberGuard line of mobile surveillance units. The MSU-500 has the flexibility and durability for either indoor or outdoor applications (power supply necessary). The MSU -1000 through MSU-4000 are self-sustaining, come in a variety of data transfer options, provide the very latest in both daytime and nighttime optics and most importantly, unlike their human competition, the CyberGuard units never tire, never get sick, and never ever call off of work.

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